First Part of the Bible Distributing Project in Malawi and Mozambigue Has Been Finished

20190818 214522It´s a joy for me to announce that the first part of the Malawi and Mozambique Bible project with the simple goal to provide about 70 pastors in the Chichewa language for pastors in areas with huge poverty has been finished.

Yesterday I checked the report with about 70 pastors from Mozambique and Malawi under overseeing of bishop Petr Fungulani who were provided with a new bible. There is so big poverty that sometimes even pastors don´t have the Bible. Sometimes they are the only people in the congregation who have their own bible. 

We are happy that step by step we were able by the grace of God to help those congregations by providing this need, the basic need for Christians to have their God´s word. 

Bible 2

I want to show you here the photo of young pastors from Mozambique (this is that country where in recent days Islamists beheaded another 50 people). They came with their overseer from Mozambique to our pastor conference and I was spending with them some time. I cried when they asked me for bibles. They didn´t want even food or another needed things or needs, the only thing they wanted was their own Bible. Because I need and I appreciate God´s word very much in my life I know how precious gift this is. 

Muslims there are coming with help and food and with Koran there. We need to go there and support our brothers and sisters there with the light of God´s word.  

21. 11. 2020


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