Ukraine's Efforts to Reclaim Lost Territories in the War with Russia

Many times in the last two years, 2023 and 2024, we have received the words:

“Do not fight against Babylonians. You will not succeed.” 

This word is about Ukraine's vision of victory over Russia, which some still hold, and it's about sending new people to fulfil this vision while attempting to regain the lost territories.

This word is not about the loss of all of Ukraine´s territories; it is not about the total defeat of Ukraine and resignation to protect their country. It is not about resignation to the defence. It is primarily and mainly about that vision to regain all territories or sometimes even win and defeat Russia, to put down the Russian regime. Some can see it as appeasement, and many will have other usually legitimate arguments.

However, if God said that word, and I believe He did, nobody will be able to change the results. 

“Do not fight against Babylonians. You will not succeed!”


 1) This vision of reclaiming all territories is not from the Lord

You can try to go against the wall, but God warns you. “You will not succeed!”. He warned the same last year, 2023, and also warned the same already in 2014.

(Previously published words and articles from that time can also be read on our websites.)   

The president of Ukraine still thinks he can win the war, and many Western advisers have pushed him towards this goal since the beginning of the conflict.

But God said:  "This vision is not from the mouth of the Lord". (May 2023)

On Saturday, 17 February 2023, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky spoke at the Munich Security Conference, an annual gathering of security and foreign policy officials, about defeating Putin and his regime and deliberating all of Ukraine. He has already spoken about similar visions, and others have spoken, too, many times. Their vision is clear—to regain the lost territories and fight for all of them. 

About those who motivate others to reclaim all the lost territories: 

“‭‭This is what the Lord Almighty says:  “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord.” (15 January 2024)

Yes, these are false hopes. With this revealed wisdom, if recognised as wisdom from God, you can work better to protect what is not lost and save many lives.

Somebody said after some losses in Ukraine that it would be good, but this word came to me:

"Half so bad. No, nothing will be good.” (January 2024)

“It will be a divided kingdom.” (28 January 2024 and more times earlier, for example, on 11 October 2022 or November 2014).

2) The current Russian Government

But these prophetic words do not say that the current Russian government is good. Some people still believe in Russian President Putin (really many believe in "Leader Putin" - contrary to Scriptures), and some others around him. Some people are falling to see red lights and bad marks of totalitarianism and evil.

Many are deceived and fail to see his real spiritual background of his values through his allies, for example, Islamic Checna leader - terrorist Ramzan Kadyrov, who openly and publicly reveals his corrupt and violent behaviour and values, cult leader with demonic background Kim Jong Un, antichrist from North Korea, who have to kill or put to prison people who would like to leave his "paradise", cruelly persecuting North Korean Christian when building his own cult of worshipping him. Totalitarian communist China and Islamist Iran that is cultivating a culture of death, and some others. All his friends of this totalitarian and cruel kind are also supported by those people who support Putin. Let me repeat it. In this case, this is their block,  and if you support or even worship Putin, then you are a supporter of these regimes, less or more. You are also strengthening them in their cruelty against God´s people and also others their victims.  

In geopolitics and international events, sometimes there is not only an ideal and unproblematic connection, as we can see, for example, in the case of defeating Hitler. Stalin was responsible for many deaths of his own people and some other nations, such as people from Ukraine. This man and regime opened the west front together with Hitler when attacking Poland and Finland at the beginning of WW2. This one later became an ally in the war against fascism. So, not all things are easy and simple to decide on things of this kind.

Moreover, even the people who would understand this main word about the situation of Ukraine as appeasement against the aggressor could think this word is supporting Putin and his aggression by allowing him to steal the land of the country. (that land that was promised them to stay on its border when they were leaving the atomic arsenal. But as I said, things are not always so apparent at first glance. This is the principle of deception. You can see a sheep, but it is a wolf; you can see a vulture, but it is a real eagle.

The people who want to see the full and only defeat of Putin and regain the Ukrainian territories could see this message as support for his aggression, but it is not. It is a wisdom.  There is also a need to understand the situation from the context of history, and this, together with knowledge of former prophetic words and wisdom, can give a fuller picture of the situation. If we miss crossroads numbers one and two, maybe we can choose crossroads three as the better path, but sometimes things are completely different. Sometimes, God says that he closed some doors, as happened to the Israelites when coming to the promised land, and they had to wait 40 years. Nothing could change it in that case. It is a warning also to us. 

But back to representatives of the current Russian government -  they are liars, representatives of the Russian regime, for example, Putin, Peskov, Zachariova, Medvedev and others of their trumpets, their propaganda.

And God said: 

“Do not believe these liars.” (January 2024)

This is the word for those who believe in Russian propaganda. They lied about “a little green man” when stealing Crym, they lied about their presence in the East of Ukraine in continuous conflict there, and they lied about the beginning of the war. Even a few days before the aggression, they aggressively lied about all those who were giving warnings about their attack. They also lie about many other things, such as their motives and goals. 

However, throughout 2023, God has spoken that Ukraine's forces can not succeed in reclaiming all the lost territories. Those near the Godś council in these things could not be surprised by the fall of Ukraine's planned offensive in 2023, as many later were.

The Word of God clearly warns about the result. I have sometimes described it through the example of our church room. There is another smaller room behind ours, but between these two spaces is the wall. If I ordered people to gain it by running against it (in the case of Ukraine to regain its lost territories), they would crush their heads due to this wall. Similarly, sending new people against this unseen wall will cause the deaths of many fathers, sons, and brothers, which is really very, very sad, and tears are falling from the Lord's eyes. Unbearable pain is realised in many lives. Actually, it has already caused many thousands of victims and fatalities.

On the other hand, neither the Russian forces can succeed in taking all of Ukraine. 

Both visions lead to death. This article is specially written as delivered more to Ukraine than to Russia. If spoken to Russia, there would be words such as:

“Do not kill my people” (2022) (the word addressed to Putin)

“He will stand before God” (about Putin.)

“Go home”  to Russians (but they will not go) 

We can learn from the prophet Isaiah that when he spoke to the nation of Izrael about Assyria or Babylonia attacks, he first spoke wisdom about what they should do and then secondly spoke more about the character ( or even “cruelty” in the case of Assyria) of those who were attacking them (or said something about their fate in the future). Similarly, in this case, this word is primarily sent as wisdom needed from the point of view of the Ukrainian people and nation. 

(And for sure, all of us should learn from it, too. Due to this worldly crisis, critical prophetic words are calling for prayers. These words also speak about the responsibility of many Christians in the ministry of prayers and prayer walls.)

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, maybe it is good to consider where the new border lies and what border Russia will not cross. I believe that Russia can not succeed in taking all of Ukraine.

God said, “It will be long”. Now, there are two years of war.  There are hundreds of thousands of killed and injured, millions of displaced and innerly wounded (as mothers, fathers, wives, and children of killed or injured ones, many times the whole families killed and murdered by Putin's soldiers). How long, Lord? How long of suffering and lost lives? 

Disobedience to God's word and wisdom is damaging on all levels, whether personal, church-leading, national, or international. God speaks still through all the ages. Still, the objects of his voice are kings and rulers, too.  

Some of the received words (not all are published here) and some spoken at the CPMI House of Prayer meetings are not all mentioned here, but they were all in a similar direction. One of the words, for example, spoke about “lying dead bodies on the field, big pain and fightings, and tears of God falling down from his face” before pictures, photos, and videos of the war field with its fulfilment started to appear on screens and newspapers.

3) Some of the words received 

We received more words, some on Sunday meetings that are not entirely rewritten or others, usually at the prayer meetings. Still, the messages were similar to these; sometimes, they described some details that were not fully important to the aim of this article. 

“Do not fight against the Babylonians. You will not succeed.” (January 2024 and 16.2.2024)

“You set the boundary they can not cross.” (2 February 2024)

“It will be divided kingdom.” (28 January 2024)

“They can not succeed.” (26 February 2024)

“They can not succeed.” (11 November 2023)

They can not succeed.” (9 June 2023)

“long” (9 June 2023)

“They can not succeed.”´(30 June 2023)

My word stands” - They can not succeed  (1 August 2023)

“Long, long, long.” (16 April 2023)

“Burn with no one to quench it.” (16 April 2023)

“The fire that nobody can quench.” (13 March 2023)

“So they disobeyed the commandment of the LORD and went into Egypt to the border town of Tahpanhes.” (this word speaks about not understanding God´s wisdom in the case of this particular geopolitical event) (23 March 2023)

“But they didn't take anything seriously and didn't listen to me.” (23 March 2023)

“It will not be quenched.” (9 December 2022)

“Long” (13 December 2022)

President Volodimir Zelensky:

"He speaks falsely."

"You can not trust  their mouths."

"futile plans"

"He leads to destruction."

"For they defy you."

“The Lord has spoken.”

(17 November 2022)

"He draws his bow, aims, prepares the deadly weapon, and readies his fiery arrows.” (Putin) (19 November 2022)

“Burn with no one to quench it.” (19 November 2022)

“They can not succeed.” (Ukraine) (19 November 2022)

“It will not be quenched.” (19 November 2022)

(The similar words do not usually speak about all eternity; this fire will be quenched one day. However, this word spoke to the perspectives of those who thought the war and fight could last, for example, three days, three weeks, five months, one year, etc., and after this relatively short period of time to be quenched.)

“They can not succeed.” (23 November 2022)

“They can not succeed.” (24 November 2022)

“They can not succeed.” (29 November 2022)

“They can not save.” (foreign weapons in the goal of reclaiming all territories) 

“It will be divided.” (Ukraine) (7 October 2022)

“It will be divided.” (11 October 2022)

“Long.” (17 October 2022)

“The fire that no one can quench.”

“The Lord has spoken.”

(17 October 2022)

“They can not succeed.” (29 October 2022)

“great horror” (30 October 2022)

“They can not succeed.” (both sides) (20 August 2022)

“long” (22 August 2022)

“Leads to destruction.” (28. 5. 2022) 

“They have disobeyed.” (10 March 2022)

“My word stands.” (18 March 2022)


“I see the battle standard and hear the trumpet sound.”

(8 December 2021)


4) Already Published Articles (2015 - 2023)

God spoke to us about the war in Ukraine in 2014 and then repeated them later on. I have already written and published ten articles with prophetic words and some commentaries to them. This website now has about five articles covering the topic, and there are still five others on the old website.

  • Ukraine's Efforts to Reclaim Lost Territories in the War with Russia ( published on 22 February 2022)
  • Russian Aggression in Ukraine (published on 4 July 2022)
  • Vision about United Ukraine and the Fight for All Territories of Ukraine Is Not from the Mouth of the Lord (published on 31 May 2022)
  • President Petro Porošenko, Ukraine - The Word for Ukraine: "Don´t Fight Against Your Brothers" (published on 8 August 2017)
  • President Vladimir Putin, Russia and Ukraine (published on 1 February 2015)

Other articles published earlier on the old site:

  • Russia and Ukraine 2 (published on 3 February 2017)
  • Prophetic Report 2 - Vladimir Putin (published 30 September 2016)
  • Putin, Russia and Bashar al-Assad, Syria (published 08 February 2016)
  • Russia - Vladimir Putin (published on 5 June 2015)
  • Russia and Ukraine (published on 1 February 2015)

There are also important words published. I have chosen a few, for example, in the article Russia and Vladimir Putin is written: 

“The word "He will go further and further" touched me on 2.3.2015"  This word was published not long after the Crimea annexation. 

Word for Ukraine, the Ukrainian leadership and people in the case of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict:

"They can not succeed" (2016) (about Ukraine)

Yes, this was published already in 2016.

 About Ukraine in the affords of reclaiming all the territories:

“Do not go up to fight against your brothers!" (November 2014)

„A divided house can not stand“ (December 2014)

And some other words.

In the fear of the Lord

Jiří Joel Krupa

Senior pastor of CPMI

This article was finished and published on 4 May 2024

Jiří Joel Krupa

  • Senior pastor CPMI worldwide
  • Prophetic ministry
  • Educational and pedagogical ministry

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"In essential unity, in non-essential charity, in all love."

"Bringing the heart of God to the heart of people."

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