Prophetic record

This page will contain an overview of the most crucial prophecies that went to the world through this ministry. 

1) European Union: It is raping us


2) Arabs "spring": Not so nice and happy movements as could be seen


3) Lybia: NATO politicians will regret getting Caddafi fall


4) Syrian conflict: President Bashar Assad will not move


5) Europe ad islam: It will grow in Europa, some politicians are blind in this case


6) COVID-19: This will be huge and long


3)  NATO will not be able to win in Afghanistan

In 2014 God said: "not able to save". In 2021 there was the big withdrawal of NATO and other units with a big shame and the land fell again fully to the hands of the Taliban. 

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(these are not all prophecies of its ministry worthy to be in a prophetic record but this site is as some other things under the construction and record will be added fully later, some important prophecies you can read also in articles on this website)

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