COVID-19 - It Is Not the End - Your Prophets Spoke to You Their Own Visions

covid19bOn 14 April 2022, I got this word for all people who believed that the Covid-19 would soon finish, and the number of victims would not be big because some leaders told them so. Some leaders, prophets and people stood against warnings about high numbers of victims that would be affected either by Covid-19 itself or the things happening around this infection.  When we do not see the threat, we are not so quickly moved to listen to other instructions on how to be prepared, prevent coming danger or make the coming damage smaller. 

There are more articles to be read about it on this web.

But I also remind the word: "Take my warnings seriously!" that the Lord gave me in recent years to politics, leaders, pastors, and all other people. In the meantime, the disasters made by Covid-19 have shown themselves to be huge, with millions of victims, and we are not still at the end.

The word of the Lord was this:

"The visions of your prophets were false and worthless. The prophecies they gave you were false and misleading." /14 April 2022/

JIří Joel Krupa

30 April 2022





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