joelandpavlaGod bless you. This website concentrates on strategic and key prophetic words received since 2011 in this prophetic ministry. There are many important words that can show you what is going on in the world or in some particular cases.  There is the importance of discerning prophecies, even if our ministry took them through this process of discerning. The wisdom coming throw prophecies can be huge, very helpful, building, and can save many lives but wrong prophecies can also lead to big mistakes and sometimes even tragedies in personal but also nationals events and history. 

You are welcome to see as the Lord is fulfilling his promise to his people, that he will announce to his prophets in advance what he is going to do and that Holy Spirit will show us what is to come. 

 23. 4. 2021; Jiří Joel Krupa;  Shalom Prophetic Record...

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