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you have an opportunity to see here the words of the scriptures that ensure and promise us about God speaking to humans' history prophetically to be totally at work and living.  Bible is The Prophetic Book, and the real Christian life is The Prophetic Life. It is not possible, except either to be totally ignorant or lack the knowledge, to read the Bible, live the Christian and scriptural life (life according to the scriptures as Jesus is demanding) and be out of the less or more prophetical realm. Yes, not all people are called to be prophets, and not all are called to be prophets to the nations, but sure, there are some still. There are even more false prophets who speak confusing and false words. It is a dangerous calling to be a prophet. 

When you read the Bible, you see prophets speaking to people, revealing past, present and future things. They speak messages to particular people, to particular nations, to churches in towns and areas, some houses and households, families, family lines, tribes and also to the earth (all nations) generally. All this continues. It works both ways either in scriptural, in the Bible written and understood prophecies, or also in the Holy Spirit actually, timely given prophecies.  

  1. European Union: It is raping us
  2. Arab "spring": Not so nice and happy movements as could be seen 
  3. Lybia: NATO politicians will regret getting Caddafi's fall 
  4. Egypt: "Egypt will be given to the hands of hard lords"
  5. Syrian conflict: President Bashar Assad "will not move" and "will stand" 
  6. Islamic state:  "they form an alliance against you" 
  7. Europe and Islam: It will grow in Europa. Some politicians are blind in this case 
  8. NATO and Afghanistan: They will "not be able to save" Afghanistan 
  9. Ukraine: Don´t go to fight against your brothers, Ukraine will be devided 
  10. COVID-19: This will be huge and long 
  11. Ukraine: The war in Ukraine will be long 


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