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Covid-19 Early prophecies

COVID-19 - It is not the end - your prophets spoke to you their own visions

covid19bOn 14 April 2022, I got this word for all people who believed that the Covid-19 would soon finish, and the number of victims would not be big because some leaders told them so. Some leaders, prophets and people stood against warnings about high numbers of victims that would be affected either by Covid-19 itself or the things happening around this infection.  When we do not see the threat, we are not so quickly moved to listen to other instructions on how to be prepared, prevent coming danger or make the coming damage smaller. 

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We need to know when something is a judgement of God that it is so

jerusalem 108849 960 720When the pandemic started, there were many opinions. This situation in itself is a normal thing in the Bible and the world. There were always different interpretations about the source of various disasters or tragedies. In this case, we are speaking about this pandemic. I don’t want to talk now about whether it was from nature or a laboratory. Or what country “gave” it to the world. These are important questions too, and I have my opinion based on something I see. Nevertheless, this article is about the importance of asking for the spiritual source of this pandemic.

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The stream of false prophecies about Donald Trump

There were presidential elections in the USA in November 2020. And there were also many prophecies about Donald Trump being elected for the second term. It came from the people respected in quite large circles in the USA (not only there) as prophets. And many others agreed with it. The stream of those prophecies was so strong that some people still said it would change even after he was not elected. Some of them were saying it fully and clearly. Some others were saying it in the way as "God has not finished yet and his time is just coming" and so on. By this, they were encouraging the faith for the miracle of Trump being somehow "reelected". (President Trump claimed the election falsely counted. There was a possibility for judges or those who did new countings in some states to bring some new results.)

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Afgánistán - NATO, Taliban, Al-káida, ISIS

afghanistanPo 11. září 2001 a letadlových sebevražedných útocích na Světové obchodní centrum v USA začala válka v Afgánistánu. USA a přes 40 dalších zemí, mnoho z nich z NATO, začalo operaci "Trvalá svoboda". Taliban, islamistická organizace, která prakticky vládla Afgánistánu, byla tehdy poražena a byla ustanovena afgánská vláda s více demokratickými tendencemi. 

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