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Russian Military Intervention in Syria, Fall of an Opposition, Syria

The Russian military intervention in Syria was a crucial point of conflict in Syria between the Syrian president Bashar Assad´s regime and opposition against him supported by some Arab and western countries.

At the beginning of an intervention we received this word of God:

"This is what the Lord says: As a shepherd rescues from the lion’s mouth only two leg bones or a piece of an ear, so will they be rescued"   /7 October 2015/

We published this word on the former website www.joelnet.cz on 14 February 2016. We recognized this prophetic word as a word regarding the Russian intervention and Syrian under the president Bashar al-Assad. 

We also received the words which spoke about by some Arab and West countries supported opposition:

"They will fall to the ground." (7 October 2015)

"It will not stand up more." (7 October 2015)

"Nobody will pick it up." (8 October 2015)

"It will not rise." (21 December 2015)

These words were also published on 14 February 2016 on www.joelnet.cz in the same article: http://www.joelnet.cz/index.php/en/prorocka-sluzba-svet/151-21-putin-rusko-basar-asad-syrie

It was God’s word for those (besides others) who wanted to pick it up again. It is still the word for those. Only recently the president of USA Donald Trump decided to stop support of it.

(It means that they stopped also their military aim and press by this towards the fall of the president of Syria Bashar al Assad.)

This all was also important in the context of received God's words about the president Bashar al-Assad a long time ago, which were saying: 

"he will stand" (January, February 2012)

"he will not move" (January, February 2012)

These words were published initially on 17 July 2012 !!! on the Czech part of our older website www.joelnet.cz, here: http://www.joelnet.cz/index.php/cs/prorocka-sluzba-svet/83-4-basar-asad-syrie. 

We were witnessing and still are witnessing terrible things happening in these countries. We saw a few hundreds of thousands of people dying and being killed. It is a terrible, terrible disaster. The rise of the Islamic state, millions of lost or destroyed lives, broken families, millions of wounded people and refugees. 

Somebody is always responsible when these bad things happen. God is a judge, he will judge all people and all nations. He even is judging nations right now. You can do bad or good things to keep peece or transform societies or other countries. But you can also make a step contrary to God's wisdom and God's actual word with terrible consequences.

We know that there will be wars but some wars don´t need to appear when there is a place for God’s word, wisdom, prayer, and humility.

We also wrote more about the words regarding Syria and Bashar al Assad on this website.

Jiří Joel Krupa

31. 8. 2017

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