President Petro Porošenko, Ukraine - The word for Ukraine: "Don´t fight against your brothers"

President Petro Porošenko, Ukraine - The word for Ukraine: "Don´t fight against your brothers"

President of Ukraine, Petro Porošenko promised in 2015 to Ukraine people to fight for united Ukraine. But God said that Ukraine will not be united in the terms of a recent territory more and also said a year before to Ukraine army, politicians and nation not to go to a war against the East regions.

They didn´t obeyed. But in spite of that they "can´t succeed" with taking back what they wanted, because "king is waging a war" against them. 

What does it mean? 

We spoke about others, and actually the first words received to Ukraine and a conflict there, in an article President Vladimir Putin, Russia and Ukraine. Words received in September and December of 2014: "The king is waging a war" and "a divided house will not stand". The first one was a revelation of the power standing behind a conflict, it means Vladimir Putin, who is backing all similarly as he backed it in the case of Crimea, even if he long time spoke negatively about his engagement in taking of Crimea. The second one was a revelation of the future and information that the desire to take back the regions of Eastern Ukraine (or even Crimea) is hitting a head to a stone wall with results as only injury and victims on bouth sides.  

Ukraine people should not fight with an army against the regions in East, his own people and Russians. Many people died because of nothing. They should propably let them go after referendum if they would like to go. People in Kiev also changed with power and force the government and it was not done by a normal regular election.  

In December of 2014 we received a word "Don´t go to fight against your brothers". It was a similar word that was spoken to Juda people in a history event when some parts of Israel separated from a whole state. Listen carefully Ukraine people, what the word was! It was: "Don´t go to fight against your brothers.

Is is legal, is it good, is it just, is this not weakening Ukraine? You can think what you want but if God spoke not to go to fight, it’s more than anything else. 

You have now 10 000 killed including 3000 civilians, lost lives and regions are still not yours. And will not be yours! And furthermore, you have still war (even after Minsk 2) and your people "die and fall in war" (February 2017).  

Jiří Joel Krupa

6. 8. 2017


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