President Vladimir Putin, Russia and Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin, Russia and Ukraine

We have received more prophetic words regarding president of Russia in last years, here are some regarding of Russia and Ukraine. 

Firstly, it was in the beginning of a conflict on Ukraine. God has shown us that  " the king is waging a war" (20. 9. 2014) and also the word came about Ukraine: "a divided house will not stand" (November 2014). 

We believe, that God was revealing two things. The first was the role of Vladimir Putin in a conflict in Ukraine and the second was the future of a conflict in means of whether the Ukraine will stand in this conflict united or not. The answer at the question if Vladimir Putin and his army has been joined in a conflict is "Yes" and answer at the question if Ukraine will stand united is "Not". 

In the case of Crimea became  later generally known that a strict refusal of claims regarding an involvement of a Russia in Crimea by Vladimir Putin and his officials was a lie. At the beginning of an action in Crimea Vladimir Putin was lying to the world that people in uniforms who were taking Ukraine barracks and others are only Ukraine militia. Later from his own mouth he admitted the involvement of a Russian army and its crucial role in a joining Crimea to Russia.

We believe, the situation in East-Ukraine, in Luhansk and Donetsk, is according to these prophetic words. Ukraine will not be united again and Vladimir Putin is standing behind and backing the situation with the crucial control similarly as in the case of Crimea. 

(published on 1.2. 2015 on - Czech part of that website)

Jiří Joel Krupa

4. 8. 2017

Last modified on Saturday, 05 August 2017 09:59

Hello, I am Jiří Joel Krupa. This webside is currently new and under a construction. In last years we had received some prophetic words regarding some countries and some people in the world. Some links here are still without articles but we hope to make everything gradually ready to be here for reading. Please be patient and help us to share these words to countries and people whom they were sent to. Thank you.

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