Angela Merkel and Islam, Germany, Europe

Angela Merkel and Islam, Germany, Europe

Politicians, activists and religious leaders who calm down others with words about moderate Islam and do not see the coming danger and its source. They don´t recognise either the cause nor the upcoming consequences.

"I have not sent them, declares the Lord"  /18 October 2015/

"Deceptive words that I have not commanded them"  /18 October 2015/

Following words were words in the context of the Czech discussion about the same kind of people written above of but I believe they can be seen in the same way in the Europaen context.

"Watchmen are blind, they all lack knowledge. They are all mute dogs, they cannot bark. They don´t see that the evil is coming."  /21 July 2015/

 I believe that this words apply to Europe too.

Regarding the danger I, in the contrary, received:

"Send out warning signals"  /22 July 2015/

"So laudly as possible"  /22 July 2015/

The teachings of Islam (not people but the teachings, the doctrines):

"I hate it"  /11 October 2015/

This words were put together of two articles written both 1 January 2016, published 15 and 30 January 2016 in the old website from which this new eventually envolved.

3 March 2018

Jiří Joel Krupa

Last modified on Saturday, 03 March 2018 02:29

Hello, I am Jiří Joel Krupa. This webside is currently new and under a construction. In last years we had received some prophetic words regarding some countries and some people in the world. Some links here are still without articles but we hope to make everything gradually ready to be here for reading. Please be patient and help us to share these words to countries and people whom they were sent to. Thank you.

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