NATO intervention in Libya, Fall of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya

In February and March of 2011, God spoke to us about Arab spring and the fall of Muammar Gaddafi.

In April of 2011, we received other prophetic words regarding Libya. In one of these words, God spoke to us about the problems of Libya which will come. The word of the Lord was: „their land will be devastated“. This word was showing a result of conflict and a situation after the fall of Gaddafi.

The rulers of some countries, some Arab and some western states, were fast to help all rebels and protesters, among whom were many radicals, in getting down Gaddafi’s regime. About some of these rulers God spoke to us also in April 2011 that “they are acting foolishly”, and that “they will regret it”. I personally believe that it was mainly the prophetic word regarding some NATO countries.

We could see it also later when the land of Libya fell to another civil war and became divided into more fractions with their own goals and different interests.

As usually, this conflict has brought some thousands of killed and promised functional democracy and piece in “delivered Libya”, what was the declared goal of some foreign leaders, who were very fast to overthrow Muammar Kaddafi without any other real plans to do, haven´t come.

These all words were published 23 October 2012 on (old website) here in Czech part:

11. 8. 2017

Jiří Joel Krupa

Addition 1

Remark: There were some other words published too (our ministry was in the beginning, and I don´t put these words here as prophetic words spoken, written and published before to all people to see, but as a sharing with what I got and what we knew inside our ministry. I think it is good to know, and it is interesting. But you freely don´t need to call it prophetic words (Even if they were these ones at least for a few of us), but we surely can call it a personal revelation I am sharing with you all later. That part up in this article, which I chose before, are words that were prophetic in the time of writing and they were still speaking about the future. They were giving light and insights into the situation. These down, that I am going to write here now,  we also got the same way, but some of them were fulfilled in the time of our publishment so these words lack that "prophetic part to be seen by all people, and I agree, no problem to admit it. But, it is the truth that God spoke these words to us, too, and before. So not prophecying now, only sharing about the prophetic ministry and our God, who knows everything) 

At the end of February or the beginning of March, I received the word about Qaddafi:

"he will fall down"

At the time between April and June 2011, I received the following words:

About Qaddafi:

"he is a murderer"

"he will be put out and (buried as the donkey) 

"nobody from his descendants will sit on the throne again and be ruler"

About Libya:

"pouring out innocent blood, committing terror and injustice"

Jiří Joel Krupa

23 March 2021

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